This article explores the important decisions a surgical mesh victim must make when deciding if he or she should accept a mesh settlement 2017 or a surgical mesh settlement in 2018. Mesh implants are commonly used to repair hernia injuries to many areas of the body. Complications and defects in several brands of hernia mesh have led to recalls and lawsuits related to those injuries and complications.

Compensation- Surgical Mesh Settlement 2018


Physiomesh hernia mesh

It is important to note that it is not required that mesh be recalled by the FDA for a seriously injured victim to obtain compensation as a result of defective mesh. For example, thousands of aggrieved surgical mesh Plaintiffs are pursuing medical device lawsuits. The surgical mesh victims are alleging that Ventralex, C-Qur mesh and Ethicon Phsyiomesh™  are unreasonably dangerous and defective. None of those above mentioned surgical mesh products are currently subject to a recall in the United States

Personal injury product liability lawsuits such as those involving hernia mesh often involve many complex issues. The hernia mesh victim must make important and sometimes complex legal decisions. These decisions have implications on the long term financial viability of victims. One of the most important decisions is whether or not to settle a case out of court and for how much. Sadly, when it comes to multi-district litigation in US Federal Court victims are often pressured or even strong armed by their mesh lawyers to accept a global settlement. Victims are worried that if they do not accept a paltry settlement foisted upon them by their mesh law firm they will no longer have a mesh law firm to handle their case and they will get nothing for years of terrible pain and suffering.

The hernia mesh victim must look at the following factors to determine whether a proposed hernia mesh settlement is a good one:

  • Amount of medical bills, prescription expenses and other medical expenses incurred by the victim

    Hernia mesh lawsuit 2018

    Settle your hernia mesh case 2017

  • Amount of lost wages, diminished working capacity and loss of past and future income
  • The amount and duration of pain and suffering
  • The number of revision surgeries
  • Past, present and future medical expenses and pain and suffering
  • How deep are the defendant’s pockets taking into account the number of claims pending
  • How strong is the claim that the product is defective and how likely will it be to prove causation of symptoms to the defective hernia mesh.
  •  Was the alleged defective medical device recalled or withdrawn from the market?
  •  The time value of having funds now versus payment later
  • The likelihood of getting a fair trial with the judge in charge of the mesh lawsuit litigation.
  • The outcome of prior trial, decisions and bellwether trials which have occurred.
  • Will my hernia mesh law firm continue to represent me through a full trial on the merits or seek to drop representation of me. This is a real concern. Some hernia mesh firms will pressure victims to accept a global Multi District Litigation settlement. The surgical mesh law firm may even withdraw representation (motion to withdraw) and refuse to pursue a full trial on the merits.
  • Is there a potential legal issue that will preclude any compensation as a result of the inguinal hernia surgery. Is there a statute of limitations issue that may mean the case is dismissed? Will the Defendant’s highly paid experts establish that the surgical mesh is not defective meaning the victim will get nothing.
  • Has the the judge handling the mesh litigation been ruling in favor of the mesh Plaintiffs or more sympathetic to the mesh manufacturer’s defenses.

Hernia Mesh settlement 2017

Ethicon Psyiomesh lawsuit 2017

Hernia mesh settlement 2017

Many people are searching Google, Bing and Yahoo using keywords such as: “hernia mesh settlement 2017”, “hernia mesh settlement 2016”, “hernia compensation amounts”, “settlement for hernia surgery”, “average hernia mesh settlement” , “hernia settlement amounts” and “hernia mesh lawsuit settlement amounts 2016”. People are desperately seeking information on what constitutes an average or fair settlement for hernia mesh claims in 2017. In 2018 Victims will likely be agonizing over whether they should settle their hernia mesh lawsuit. Will there be a hernia mesh settlement 2018 on a large scale? Will certain victims enter into a hernia mesh settlement 2018?

What is a Fair Hernia Mesh Settlement Offer 2017

The crux of this decision will be a judgment call about the fairness of the settlement offered. There are myriad of issues to consider when analyzing a hernia mesh settlement, and this is best done consulting with an experienced big time hernia mesh lawsuit attorney. A client can help his or her hernia mesh attorney by having a basic understanding of what may constitute a fair offer and the consequences of refusing such a mesh settlement.

Hernia mesh settlement 2018


Finding the best hernia mesh attorneys in the United States

The reality is that the vast majority of personal injury claims never go to a full jury trial on the merits. Hernia mesh defective product claims do go to Court. The vast majority of hernia mesh product liability causes of action are litigated in Federal Courts.  Defendants in these cases, whether they be hospitals and doctors or product manufacturers, want to pay as little as possible or nothing. This means they may try to settle claims quickly and for the lowest possible amount. Initial settlements are almost always low ball offers that do little more than prey on an injured person’s need for quick cash. Refusing these initial offers and negotiating them up to something lucrative is an important part of the legal process for hernia mesh claims.

Here is a list of  some Multi district litigation:

  • MDL No. 1842 | In Re: Kugel Mesh Hernia
    Repair Patch Litigation UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (This MDL was disbanded. Most of these cases are now pending in RI State Superior Court) FOR THE DISTRICT OF RHODE ISLAND
  • MDL No. 2753 |  In Re: Atrium Medical Corp. C-Qur Mesh
    Products Liability Litigation,  UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
  • MDL No. 2782 | In RE: Ethicon Phsyiomesh™ Flexible
    Composite Hernia Mesh Products Liability Litigation, United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Calculating Included Expenses – Hernia compensation amounts

Hernia mesh devices implanted in victim’s bodies may result in a variety of medical complications, including pain, bleeding and infection. It is also possible for the hernia to recur, according to a report by the FDA. This means that initial symptoms and corrective surgeries may nor may not be the end of treatments and expenses required. A settlement must be designed to include any and all future expenses as much as possible. This may mean delaying settlement until future complications are very unlikely or including payment for future complications in the settlement itself.

It is also important to be sure that all treatments and expenses related to the hernia mesh are properly included. These will include medical expenses and may also include other related expenses such as lost wages. It can sometimes be difficult to narrow down which treatments are related to the hernia mesh, especially if preexisting conditions or other injuries are present. A hernia mesh lawyer may make use of the examinations and testimony of other medical experts to ensure injuries and expenses are properly included. If critical parts of treatment, especially ongoing treatments, are not included, then the settlement offer should likely be rejected.

The Effect of Court-  Surgical Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

Ultimately, if a settlement is not agreed to outside of court, the case ends up before a judge and jury. Taking a case to court is akin to a legal gamble that should be considered strategically and after careful consultation with the best hernia mesh attorneys. Going to trial places the value of the case in the hands of a jury. While it is possible to obtain more damages from a trial, it is also possible to get less or no  compensation. Juries are often sympathetic to injured plaintiffs, and this sympathy is a real part of the trial process a hernia mesh lawyer will consider.

The decision of whether or not to accept a settlement is not an easy one. It is important to seek proper legal counsel when evaluating settlement offers and never to settle a hernia mesh lawsuit too quickly

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