Bard Ventralex Lawsuit. Many victims who were implanted by surgeons with Ventralex Hernia mesh medical devices are now pursuing mesh lawsuits against Bard and Bard’s subsidiary Davol. Ventralex is a patch composed of polyproplene. There is no Ventralex mesh class action or multidistrict litigation nor is there currently a Ventralex mesh recall by the FDA.

It strains credulity to believe that Bard and its subsidiary Davol Inc. continue, to this day, to manufacture and market Ventralex hernia mesh patches. Say it ain’t so Bard / Davol ! Bard is facing hernia mesh lawsuits as a result of its allegedly defective hernia mesh patch medical device, Ventralex. The hernia mesh litigation seeks damages against Bard and of course its subsidiary, Davol Inc. If you are seeking a hernia mesh lawyer to pursue a Ventralex mesh lawsuit contact a top Ventralex mesh law firm

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Ventralex hernia patch lawsuit

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Despite the known dangers of polypropylene mesh and the fact that Bard is facing thousands of lawsuits as a result of different types of polypropylene mesh, Ventralex mesh is still being implanted in victims by surgeons! Ventralex is a polypropylene hernia mesh patch. Not surprisingly, Bard’s transvaginal mesh and bladder sling products also are made using polypropylene mesh. Bard and its subsidiary Davol ignore and overlook the dangers and risks of polypropylene mesh. It is important to note that there is no Ventralex mesh class action nor has there been a Ventralex recall by the FDA. There has also been no widespread or global Ventralex hernia mesh lawsuit settlement. Will there be a hernia mesh recall related to ventralex in 2018? Victims should always be searching to learn about whether there has been a hernia mesh recall of the particular surgical mesh implanted in their body.

Ventralex hernia patch lawsuit 2017 and Bard / Davol Ventralex hernia patch lawsuits 2018

According to Bard Davol Inc.’s website “The Ventralex™ Hernia Patch is a self-expanding polypropylene and ePTFE patch that allows for an intraabdominal, tension-free repair. This technique is designed to eliminate the lateral dissection typically required for preperitoneal placement, which may help minimize post op pain. Deep placement of the prosthetic also allows for a strong repair and less chance of recurrence.”  Davol company propogandaC.R. BARD, INC. of 100 Sockanossett Crossroad, Cranston Rhode Island submitted an FDA  510(k) Premarket Notification on 05/28/2002.

In 2002, the FDA approved Bard’s application clearing Ventralex to be sold in United States markets. The controversial 510k process utilized by Bard allowed Bard / Davol to fast track Ventralex without human testing.

Here is the applicable information concerning BARD’s VENTRALEX HERNIA PATCH 510k application:

Device Classification Name Mesh, Surgical, Polymeric
510(K) Number K021736
Device Name BARD VENTRALEX HERNIA PATCH, MODELS 0010302, 0010301
100 Sockanossett Crossroad
Canston,  RI  02920
Applicant Contact Brain A Kanerviko
100 Sockanossett Crossroad
Canston,  RI  02920
Correspondent Contact Brain A Kanerviko
Regulation Number 878.3300
Classification Product Code
Date Received 05/28/2002
Decision Date 07/16/2002
Decision Substantially Equivalent (SESE)
Regulation Medical Specialty General & Plastic Surgery
510k Review Panel General & Plastic Surgery
Summary Summary
Type Traditional
Reviewed By Third Party No
Combination Product No
Recalls CDRH Recalls

List of all 510(k)applications submitted by Bard / Davolventralex hernia patch settlement

FDA 510(k) Applications Submitted by C.R. Bard, Inc.Scholarly articles on mesh:

Retrospective analysis of umbilical, epigastric, and small incisional hernia repair using the Ventralex™ hernia patch.

Can infected composite mesh be salvaged?

Open intraperitoneal mesh repair for umbilical hernias. A technical note.

Has Bard settled mesh cases in the past?

This is not Bards first rodeo, by any means, as far as mesh medical device litigation settlement is concerned.

Bard settles vaginal mesh claims:

“Bard has agreed to settle almost 3,000 vaginal mesh lawsuits filed against the medical device manufacturer by women who claim the transvaginal mesh systems caused them to suffer perforation in their pelvic floor as well as sustaining other damages to the tissue surrounding the mesh. Although one woman won a $2 million vaginal mesh verdict in 2014, it is expected that the majority of plaintiffs represented in these transvaginal mesh lawsuits will take the proposed Bard settlements rather than continue with further litigation.” Top Class actions

Bard settles Kugel hernia mesh causes of action

““C.R. Bard has reportedly reached an agreement to settle Kugel hernia mesh lawsuits brought by about 2,600 people who experienced severe internal injuries caused by problems with their hernia repair patches, with in an average payout of about $70,000 for each plaintiff. However, the settlement still leaves around 1,000 claims unresolved….” Id. These settlements were negotiated by top hernia mesh product liability attorneys. The Kugel hernia mesh multi district litigation has been dismantled and cases are still pending in State and federal Courts. About lawsuits


Will there be a Hernia mesh settlement 2017 and mesh settlement 2018?

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We are reviewing the following types of hernia mesh manufactured by Bard and its subsidiary Davol for potential hernia mesh lawsuits:

Bard/ Davol:
 Visilex
 Composix
 Composix EX
 Spermatex
 3D Max
Perfix Plug
 Ventralex
 Kugel
 Composix Kugel
 Ventrio
 Ventrio ST
 Marlex

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Scientific Articles on ventralex mesh

Sept 2015: Umbilical Hernia Repair: Analysis After 934 Procedures.

Jan 2014: Intraperitoneal Tension-Free Repair of a Small Midline Ventral Abdominal Wall Hernia: Randomized Study with a Mean Follow-up of 3 Years.

Oct 2011: Retrospective Analysis of Umbilical, Epigastric, and Small Incisional Hernia Repair Using the Ventralex Hernia Patch.

Jan 2011: Open Intraperitoneal Versus Retromuscular Mesh Repair for Umbilical Hernias Less Than 3 cm Diameter.

Dec 2010: Can Infected Composite Mesh Be Salvaged? 

Jul 2009: Open Intraperitoneal Mesh Repair for Umbilical Hernias. A Technical Note.

Ventralex mesh : Bard Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

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