Post-operative chronic and severe pain may occur after hernia repair surgery with mesh, among other complications. If you have suffered from an injury related to hernia mesh, you may be entitled to compensation. Annually, over a million hernia surgeries are performed in the United States; for these surgeries it is considered the standard of care to use hernia mesh to prevent future complications. When a patient has a surgery for a hernia, there is a chance that another hernia may occur at the site of the original hernia. In order to discourage this recurrence, a surgeon may sometimes use a hernia mesh. Hernia mesh is a net-like medical product that is attached and covers the area from which the hernia was removed in order to discourage another hernia from occurring at the same site. This product may be made from natural materials, or it may be made from synthetic materials. Many patients who have hernia mesh implanted in their body experience both severe pain as well as chronic pain.


Hernia surgery complications | Severe and Chronic Pain

Hernia mesh chronic pain

In an ideal situation, the mesh will cover the site where the hernia occurred and ensure that the organs remain contained within rather than pushing through and causing a hernia once again. So long as the surgeon utilized a suitable hernia mesh and the product was properly utilized, the patient will experience some pain in the immediate aftermath of the surgery, but that pain will diminish over time and the patient will be able to return to their normal activities. In some instances, however, a person may continue to experience intense pain and associated issues well after the recovery period for the surgery was meant to have passed.

Hernia mesh severe pain

Those individuals who are experiencing issues as a result of hernia mesh may experience the following symptoms and side effects:

Compensation for injuries

In some instances, people who are having issues as a result of hernia mesh are able to earn compensation for their injuries. When a surgeon does not have the skill to properly perform the surgery and as a result, they improperly install the hernia mesh product, it can result in future medical problems. For instance, when a surgeon who is performing a laparoscopic surgery does not have the requisite skill or training, they may improperly attach the mesh. Laparoscopic surgeries can be complicated and require a very specific and unique set of skills, and if a surgeon lacks those skills, it may result in the patient developing issues due to the improperly used hernia mesh. These errors are not limited to laparoscopic surgeries, either, as hernia mesh that is improperly applied during open surgery can cause the patient problems in the future, as well.

Defective product- product liability

While some lawsuits concerning hernia mesh arise out of the error or lack of skill of a surgeon, others come out of a defective product. In one example of an instance like this, the manufacturer may have failed to properly inform either the patient or the surgeon of the risks associated with the hernia mesh product. When this occurs, the manufacturer, either recklessly or intentionally, endangered the patient by allowing the doctor or patient to have a false belief about the nature or efficacy of the hernia mesh. Had the doctor or patient had complete information, they may have acted differently, perhaps choosing a different manufacturer’s hernia mesh and avoiding the injury from which they now suffer.

Severe pain from mesh

In other instances, defective hernia mesh may have caused an injury that entitles the patient to compensation.  Defective mesh can cause severe pain as well as chronic pain. When a hernia mesh product was either manufactured with inferior materials or according to a design that is defective, it is possible that the hernia mesh will not only fail to prevent another hernia from occurring, it may even make it more likely that a hernia will occur. In cases like this, a patient may be able to bring a suit against the manufacturer.

Hernias are a painful experience, and your surgery should relieve your pain, not compound it. If you are suffering from an injury due to hernia mesh, you may be entitled to compensation for your continued pain. If your hernia mesh fails, get in touch with one of our experienced and friendly specialists today, and we can provide you with a free consultation. Don’t continue to suffer from hernia mesh rejection when you are entitled to compensation for your injury!  Make sure you are aware of the signs of hernia mesh rejection. Contact us today.