This is a list of the types of hernia mesh or hernia patch claims that we are reviewing for potential hernia mesh lawsuits in 2024. Victim’s who were surgically implanted with any of these medical devices should contact attorney David Slepkow at the phone number on this site. Calls will be accepted 24 hours a day. It is never too early or late to call. We help hernia mesh victims get justice, compensation and accountability on behalf of defective hernia mesh. A hernia mesh lawyer will help aggrieved hernia mesh victims hold corporate entities liable if they manufactured defective medical device products which cause complications.

(Many surgical mesh victims incorrectly believe that a hernia mesh recall is necessary in order to file a hernia mesh lawsuit. A hernia mesh victim can still file a mesh lawsuit even if the defective mesh has never been subject to a recall by the FDA. This is not a list of all hernia mesh that is defective or has been determined to be defective or unsafe.  This is not a hernia mesh recall list. This list is also not a list of mesh that has been withdrawn or removed from the marketplace. This is not a list of mesh that has been recalled by the FDA or subject to a recall. This is also not a list of hernia Mesh Multi District Litigation that is pending.)

Mesh devices that we are reviewing for Hernia Mesh victims in 2024:


Covidien: (Formerly Tyco and now a subsidiary of Medtronic):

  • Parietex
  • Progrip
  • Surgipro
  • Surgipro Plug & Patch
  • Symbotex
  • Composite
  • Parietex Composite Ventral Patch,
  • Parietex ProGrip Self-Fixating Mesh
  • Parietex Optimized Composite Mesh
  • Parietex Plug and Patch System
  • Parietex Composite Open Skirt (PCO OS) Mesh
  • Parietex Optimized Open Skirt Mesh
  • Parietex Composite Parastomal (PCO PM) Mesh
  • Parietex Composite Hiatal Mesh (PCO 2H)
  • Parietex Hydrophilic Anatomical Mesh
  • Parietex Folding Mesh
  • Parietex Flat Sheet Mesh
  • Parietex Lightweight Monofilament Mesh
  • Parietene
  • Parietene composite
  • Parietene Macroporus
  • Parietene Progrip
  • Parietex Easegrip

Bard/ Davol:


  • DualMesh
  • DualMesh Plus
  • Gore-Tex
  • BIO- A
  • Synecor

You may be eligible to file a hernia mesh lawsuit if you have been harmed by this type of medical device set forth above. You may also be eligible to be a member of a class action or file a lawsuit based on other types of defective or unsafe hernia mesh medical devices or patches.

Mesh Lawsuits we are not reviewing:

Hernia mesh we are not reviewing for hernia mesh victims:

  • AlloMax
  • Mylar
  • Strattice
  • Surgisis
  • Xen-Matrix
  • FlexHD
  • Mersilene
  • Physiomesh open
  • Prolene
  • Vicryl
  • vicryl Mesh Bag
  • XCM
  • Alloderm
  • Allograft
  • Surgimesh WN
  • Surgimesh XB
  • Bio-A Hernia plug
  • Mycromesh
  • Soft Tissue Patch
  • Tigr Matrix
  • Veritas Collagen Matrix
  • BioDesign
  • Sugisis Gold
  • Surgimend
  • Fortiva
  • Matristem
  • MotifMesh
  • Vitamesh
  • Vitamesh Blue
  • Hermesh
  • Hertra
  • Optilene
  • Optilene LP
  • Optilene Mesh Elastic
  • Premilene
  • Dynamesh
  • Dynamesh-PP
  • Prolene 3D Patch

You have questions about defective hernia mesh, we have answers! Many people across the United States are wondering how do they get answers to the following questions (FAQS): 

This hernia mesh information portal, authored and / or reviewed by a lawyer in the United States) seeks to answer many of the above questions and provide information to victims of defective and unsafe hernia mesh. Below you will find a list of hernia mesh medical devices that we are reviewing for potential lawsuits. You will also find a list of hernia mesh devices that we are currently not reviewing or accepting for potential litigation.


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“Based on FDA’s analysis of medical device adverse event reports and of peer-reviewed, scientific literature, the most common adverse events for all surgical repair of hernias—with or without mesh—are pain, infection, hernia recurrence, scar-like tissue that sticks tissues together (adhesion), blockage of the large or small intestine (obstruction), bleeding, abnormal connection between organs, vessels, or intestines (fistula), fluid build-up at the surgical site (seroma), and a hole in neighboring tissues or organs (perforation).”FDA

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

“The most common adverse events following hernia repair with mesh are pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesion, and bowel obstruction. Some other potential adverse events that can occur following hernia repair with mesh are mesh migration and mesh shrinkage (contraction).” FDA

Ethicon Psyiomesh™ individual lawsuit update:

(Editor’s  hernia mesh product liability litigation note | 6/2/17 :  The Panel on Multi District Litigation ordered that “IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the actions listed on Schedule A and pending outside the Northern District of Georgia are transferred to the Northern District of Georgia and, with the consent of that court, assigned to the Honorable Richard W. Story for coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings.  Transfer order)