Many people are wondering about what causes hernia mesh migration. When a hernia is repaired by surgery, a piece of surgical mesh is often used to keep the intestine or any other internal organ from protruding through a hole caused by a tear in muscle tissue. In most cases, this surgical mesh stays in place for life and causes no problems. WebMD states that using mesh reduces the risk of hernia recurrence. However, in some cases, the mesh can become dislodged and travel to a different part of the abdomen or another area where it’s not intended to go. This problem is known as hernia mesh migration and can result in serious health complications. A hernia mesh attorney or surgical mesh lawyers can offer helpful guidance and assist with taking legal action if this problem occurs.


hernia mesh complications- mesh migration

What Causes Mesh Migration?

Surgical error sometimes causes hernia mesh to migrate if the surgeon failed to secure the mesh in place properly at the time of surgery. Mesh migration can also occur if the mesh shrinks and becomes dislodged. Certain types of mesh materials that were initially thought to be safe have later been recalled because of their tendencies to move out of place more frequently. Hernia mesh complications, including mesh migration may happen shortly after surgery or years later. According to Drugwatch, mesh migration is more common in patients who undergo laparoscopic (minimally invasive) hernia surgery than patients who elect for open repairs.

What Are Some of the Health Problems Associated with Mesh Migration?

When mesh moves out of place, it can interfere with different bodily processes and damage organs. Dislodged mesh has been known to puncture organs and entrap nerves, which often results in severe pain  and sometimes chronic pain and requires prompt medical care. If the mesh is no longer in place to keep an organ from protruding, hernia recurrence will be likely. Hernia mesh migration also sometimes results in intestinal obstructionResearchGate reports that the dislodged mesh can even migrate to the urinary bladder in some rare cases.

Mesh Migration Symptoms

Pain and hernia recurrence are two signs that the mesh may have become dislodged. Blood may also be present in the urine if the mesh migrated to the bladder. Mesh migration can additionally result in constipation and the inability to pass gas when the mesh blocks the intestine.

Mesh Recalls

Nationwide recalls have been issued on certain types of mesh that are at greater risk of migrating and considered unsafe. Surgical mesh made from polypropylene has been recalled because of its tendency to migrate and cause other problems for some patients. As the FDA reports, polypropylene mesh has been especially problematic when counterfeit versions of it have been used. The Bard Composix Kugel Mesh Patch was also recalled because of the complications that it caused.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Anyone who undergoes hernia repair surgery should have the reasonable expectation that the mesh that is used will remain in place and never become dislodged. If mesh migration does happen, a lawyer can help obtain monetary compensation either by filing a hernia mesh lawsuit with a court or coming to a settlement agreement after a mesh lawsuit is filed. This compensation may be applied toward:

Additional Medical Care: The costs for additional medical care can be substantial, and an attorney will work to obtain compensation to cover these expenses. The money awarded may be used to pay for any corrective surgeries or pain management treatments that are needed because of the mesh migration.

Lost Wages:  Mesh complications from hernia mesh migration may necessitate missing a lot of work, and the resulting loss of wages can have devastating financial consequences. To recoup these lost work wages, a hernia mesh law firm will try to convince a judge or reach a settlement out of court to obtain compensation for a client.

Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are sometimes awarded in hernia mesh cases to set a precedent and prevent future instances of this problem happening to other patients. This money is awarded in addition to the compensatory damages and is usually paid by the doctors, mesh manufacturers or their insurance companies.

Additional Legal Assistance

In addition to making every attempt to get compensation for a client, a  mesh lawyer will take the time to analyze the case so that no important detail is missed. Hernia mesh migration cases are handled in a timely manner so that clients can work toward moving past their legal challenges and rebuilding their lives. Any witnesses or experts who can provide valuable testimony may also be requested to give statements that can help sufferers of mesh migration get the compensation that they deserve.

Anyone who has been affected by problems associated with hernia mesh migration should contact a surgical mesh lawyer as soon as possible so that all legal options can be explored.