There are many large hernia mesh law firms who use and abuse hernia mesh victims. These mesh firms will dehumanize victims through their actions, non-actions and conduct.  Mesh victims should steer clear of these “mesh victim factory” law firms. Here are numerous indications that your law firm is an impersonal, non-caring, hernia mesh lawsuit processing center.

  • When you call the firm, you speak to a nitwit, low level operator who does not know the difference between hernia mesh and fabric mesh.
  • If you request to speak to a  hernia mesh lawyer, you have better chance of hitting the jackpot than speaking to the actual hernia mesh attorney who will be litigating your hernia mesh lawsuit.
  • The  hernia mesh law firm will never care about your pain and suffering, your complications and how this hernia mesh has effected your life. They make victims feel unimportant because the lawyers have a large number of hernia mesh clients.They refuse to show sympathy, empathy or warmth to the pain and immense suffering of the victims.
  • The law firm may “lead you on” making you believe that they will in fact be taking your case. They will potentially hold your case for months, maybe years before informing you they are dumping the case. They will unceremoniously dump you without a valid explanation.When they finally decide they are not accepting your hernia mesh lawsuit, they will dump you with some vague, non explanatory, ‘we are dumping you letter.’ If you seek an explanation as to why they are not accepting the case, you will get the ‘company line’ about how some other law firm may take your case. The big mesh law firms, are too afraid to tell you that you missed a state hernia mesh statute of limitations.They do not want to face liability.
  • They reject over 75 percent of potential  hernia mesh lawsuits. These law firms refuse to accept, do not accept or decline the vast majority of  hernia mesh clients.The vast majority of the time they give no legitimate reason for the rejection. Turning down and rejecting so many hernia mesh lawsuits shows they do not care.
  • They engage in group think. For example, nearly all hernia mesh law firms in the United States refuse to accept an Ultrapro hernia mesh lawsuit. This ineptitude is despite the fact that many people believe Ultrapro is defective and unreasonably dangerous. There appears to be only one top law firm willing to accept these Ultrapro hernia mesh lawsuits.
  • Many firms only want to take the no-brainer, easy hernia mesh lawsuits such as Ethicon Physiomesh. Physiomesh cases are easy because Physiomesh was withdrawn from the market by Ethicon which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.  Ethicon’s actions were tantamount to a hernia mesh recall. When the more difficult hernia mesh lawsuits such as Prolene hernia mesh are presented to these mesh big law firms, they run for the hills. They are too afraid to take on big corporate America in difficult hernia mesh lawsuits.  Any mention of Prolene hernia mesh, Ultrapro, Perfix plug or other defective hernia mesh, these mesh law firms will run and hide.
  • Many of these law firms are too afraid to take on cases when a victim has multiple hernia mesh implants or multiple surgeries.
  • Many of these firms require a hernia revision surgery before they will consider taking the case.
  • The hernia mesh law firm literally does not care about individual cases and is attempting to amass hundreds, perhaps thousand of easier, simpler hernia mesh lawsuits with the hopes of a hernia mesh settlement to line their pockets, all the while selling their clients short.

Warning! Insider information that Big Law does not want you to know!

Beware of big law firms with thousands of hernia mesh clients part of a Multidistrict litigation. Some of these mesh law firms will pitch their leadership positions in the Multidistrict litigation. As soon as a big dollar settlement is offered, that sounds like a lot of money, these hernia mesh law firms will cut and run from their clients.  They will pressure their client’s into accepting the mesh settlement whether or not it is a fair and just settlement for that particular client. They will pressure their client’ to accept the settlement.

They will make it seem like accepting the settlement offer is the mesh victim’s only realistic option. They will not properly explain the legal ramifications and the costs and benefits of accepting the hernia mesh settlement. it will be nearly impossible to speak to an actual lawyer about the ramifications of legally of accepting the settlement and the pros and cons of accepting the settlement.

Many victims will want to know answers to the following questions before accepting a hernia mesh settlement:

  • What you need to know before you file hernia mesh lawsuit

  • How Long Does It Take to Settle a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

  • How much is my hernia mesh case worth?

These lawyers often have a 40 percent contingency agreement agreement so if there is a 200 million dollar settlement proposal, the lawyers want to get their money and cut and run. They are not interested in the victim that has a million dollar case. They will pressure the client’s with big cases to accept  the $90,0000 dollar settlement. Despite the fact that the victim has a good individual lawsuit on the merits that may be worth millions, these surgical mesh law firms will not offer a viable option to pursue an individual lawsuit. Why would these large law firm’s  with hundreds of cases want to pursue the victim’s individual lawsuit when the law firm has just settled 500 to 1,000 of their client’s cases and is about to walk away with 30 million dollars?

When a big law firm with hundreds or thousands of clients has a large number mesh settlement proposal from the hernia mesh manufacturer in a Multidistrict litigation, what will they do?

  • Pressure their client to accept the mesh settlement.
  • Disparage their own client’s case on the merits to the client and question the client’s own ability to win the the hernia mesh lawsuit on the merits

The Kugel Hernia mesh settlement

There has only been one global settlement of hernia mesh lawsuits,the Kugel Mesh Settlement

“C.R. Bard has reportedly reached an agreement to settle Kugel hernia mesh lawsuits brought by about 2,600 people who experienced severe internal injuries caused by problems with their hernia repair patches, with in an average payout of about $70,000 for each plaintiff. ” aboutlawsuits