Utilization of hernia mesh by surgical repair surgeons is not a new invention. Sadly, hernia mesh is a very popular method of hernia repair used by surgeons across the United States. “Among patients undergoing incisional hernia repair, the use of mesh to reinforce the repair was associated with a lower risk of hernia recurrence over 5 years compared with when mesh was not used, although with long-term follow-up, the benefits attributable to mesh were offset in part by mesh-related complications, according to a study published online by JAMA. The study is being released to coincide with its presentation at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2016.” Jama Network 

mesh complications

hernia mesh pain and suffering and lost wages

Does hernia mesh go through clinic trials beforemesh goes to market?

The root of the problem concerning hernia mesh appears to be the controversial 510K FDA “premarket notification” process which allows mesh manufacturers to fast track hernia mesh to the marketplace without proper clinic trials and without the mesh being vetted for risks and benefits.

“The present study highlights the need to assess the long-term safety of interventions before making definitive conclusions about their benefits. Demonstration of long-term safety is required for drugs in the United States but not for some devices, such as hernia meshes, which are not subject to similarly strict documentation. In the United States, most hernia mesh is approved for use by the 510(k) mechanism. This requires only that these materials have similarity to existing products on the market without the need for clinical trials to demonstrate safety or efficacy. Thus, the complete spectrum for the risks and benefits of mesh used to reinforce hernia repair is not known because there are very few clinical trial data reporting hernia outcomes as they pertain to mesh utilization. This highlights the need for more long-term studies of mesh repair using high-quality registries such as the one in Denmark.” Jama Network 

What percent of hernia repair procedures use hernia mesh?

Pathetically, ninety percent of  groin related hernia repairs utilized hernia mesh.” Id. “Hernias have a high rate of recurrence, and surgeons often use surgical mesh to strengthen the hernia repair and reduce the rate of recurrence. Since the 1980s, there has been an increase in mesh-based hernia repairs—by 2000, non-mesh repairs represented less than 10% of groin hernia repair techniques. FDA 

Manufacturers made millions selling hernia mesh

Many hernia mesh manufacturers and surgical mesh surgeons made millions selling hernia mesh to unwitting consumers. Many patients implanted with defective and unreasonably dangerous hernia mesh suffered severe mesh complications, side effects and infections. These victims sought out hernia mesh attorneys seeking justice and compensation. These mesh victims suffered through hernia mesh rejection, hernia recurrence, infection as well as severe pain. Many of these victims wonder what the average hernia mesh settlement is and if they can receive a hernia mesh settlement 2022.

Victims allege that their complications and symptoms resulted from defective and unsafe hernia mesh. The mesh manufacturer owes a duty to the public to insure that they hernia mesh they manufacture into the market is reasonably safe. In some instances, the mesh manufacturer has had no choice but to issue a hernia mesh recall.

What are the most well know hernia mesh manufacturers?

Often, prior to a hernia mesh recall or a mesh market withdrawal, the mesh has already been surgically implanted into hundred and perhaps thousands of surgical mesh victims. The most well know hernia mesh manufacturers are:

Hernia Mesh Complications

Fixing hernia mesh may be extremely painful, very pricey and could require additional surgery. Many victims have needed numerous surgeries as well as revision surgery. Hernia mesh victims have the right to seek compensation against the mesh manufacturer by filing a hernia mesh lawsuit. Victims deserve justice and compensation to compensate for the suffering and medical bills that resulted from the defective mesh or defective hernia patch. The first step is finding one of the best hernia mesh law firms in the United States.

Types of compensation victims be entitled to in a hernia mesh settlement ?

Many people are wondering what type of compensation they are entitled to. Other mesh victims seek an immediate hernia mesh settlement. Other victims are not interested in a surgical mesh settlement and want to pursue a hernia mesh lawsuit through a jury trial. When a hernia mesh law firm files a hernia mesh lawsuit against the mesh manufacturer they could seek compensation for the following:

  • Future medical bills
  • Future pain and suffering
  • Future medical care
  • Psychological damages
  • pain and suffering
  • medical bills in he past
  • lost wages
  • diminution in earning capacity in the future
  • punitive damages

Many victims wrongly believe that they will get compensation for their mesh complications from a hernia mesh class action. However, there are no hernia mesh class actions in the United States. There are several hernia mesh Multidistrict litigation pending.