We do not normally post about surgeons on this hernia mesh lawsuit blog. However, we recently received an enlightening, encouraging and informative call about Dr.  Kevin Peterson, a top non-mesh hernia surgeon from Las Vegas Nevada.  Dr Peterson is also an expert at hernia revision surgeries.The caller indicated that she had chronic pain and severe complications as a result of Prolene hernia mesh manufactured by Ethicon.(Ethicon is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.)

Surgeon who will remove hernia mesh

The hernia mesh victim told her story of years seeking a surgeon who was willing to remove the “poisonous” Prolene mesh located in her body. Surgeon after Surgeon refused to perform a hernia mesh revision surgery citing the risks and dangers of the revision surgery. After searching far and wide, she contacted the Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Shouldice referred her to Dr. Kevin Peterson.  Dr. Peterson does not only remove hernia mesh, he also is an industry leader in non-mesh hernia surgery (no -mesh surgery). The phone call to Dr. Kevin Peterson was the first step for this lady to get her life back.

Dr. Peterson does not use mesh and does not accept insurance payment

The mesh victim informed us that Dr. Peterson obtained her medical records and did a phone consultation because the surgical mesh voctim was out of state. The victim reports that Dr. Peterson did a fantastic surgery, removing the hernia mesh from her body. As a result of the hernia mesh revision surgery, she has gotten her life back and no longer has hernia mesh complications. She reports that the mesh revision surgery cost her $9100. Unfortunately, Dr. Peterson does not accept insurance. She was required to pay for the  hernia mesh revision / removal surgery herself. She informed us that this was worth every penny of the money she spent out of her own pocket!

Non mesh hernia surgery

We did some research on Dr. Peterson and reviewed his website. According to his website: “Thirty five years ago, while in training, Dr. Petersen was warned by his instructors that “We do not really know what the dangers of hernia mesh are.” In 1986, Dr. Petersen went into private practice as a general surgeon after completing training and passing his boards. Over the next 6 years he continued to repairs hernias exactly as he was taught, satisfied with his results as were his patients were. 1992 the surgical world overnight made a dramatic change, nearly everyone adopted mesh as the standard of care for hernia repair citing significantly lower recurrence rates. But still no one knew what the risks were. It had not been studied. Because of this and because he knew what his recurrence was low Dr. Petersen resisted enormous peer pressure and continued doing hernia repair exactly as he had been taught by surgeons whom he considered to be the finest in the world. Within two years Dr. Petersen started seeing patients with crippling groin pain that he could only attribute to hernia mesh implanted by other surgeons. The first patient he removed hernia mesh from was cured of his pain, regaining his life. That launched his career long interest in treating hernia mesh pain and his commitment to non-mesh hernia repairs.”

90 percent of hernia surgeons use mesh

According to “About 90 percent of hernia repair surgeries in the U.S. use hernia mesh. Surgeons in the U.S. use hernia mesh in one million surgeries every year. ” https://www.drugwatch.com/hernia-mesh/  It is very difficult to find a surgeon who performs non-mesh hernia surgeries.

To Mesh or Not to Mesh, That Is the Question